What If I Could Share With You a System Where You Could Buy & Sell Houses on the Internet, Making More Money Than You Ever Imagines and Never Leave Home?
If You Want to Generate Large Sums of Weekly Automatic Cash and Become a Highly Paid Real Estate Day Trader Even in Today's Market Then Read on...
Get More Hours Out of Your Day...
Dear Friend,
If you're like me, you want to spend more time with your family, not less. You want to eliminate hassles and pressures from your life, not create more. You want more time for the things you enjoy and have the money to enjoy it with.
You see, most real estate investors get into real estate to eliminate their first job, not create a second one working twice as many hours!
That's what most investors want. But instead, they wind up trapped in their cars and tied to their cell phones for 50+ hours per week. Heck, that's worse than having a full time job.
If you have been dreaming of earning mountains of money buying and selling more houses than you ever imagined, then I'd like to wake you up to the reality of success beyond your wildest dreams, with my wildly successful system entitled...Ultimate Buying and Selling Machine!
This Is Super-Advanced Stuff For Serious Guys And Girls Only Because It Will Take You Deep Into the World Of Making Huge Real Estate Profits Faster Than You Ever Dreamed Possible.................. GUARANTEED!
I know it might sound hard to believe... but with my groundbreaking system, The Ultimate Buying and Selling Machine!, you really can automate 92% of your real estate business, and streamline the rest.
I guarantee that you will learn things right here and right now that you never knew existed and you can start using them right away to make your own fortune in real estate!
With the Ultimate Buying and Selling Machine!, you can buy and sell anywhere in the country -- even from overseas -- because you're whole business is run via Phone, Fax, Email and the Internet.
Master Any Type of Investing, Anywhere!
By the way, the Ultimate Buying and Selling Machine! works whether you are wholesaling properties to other investors, retailing to owner occupants, doing lease options, 'subject to' properties and even with multifamily and commercial property investing. We also have students successfully using the system in buyers markets, sellers markets, low priced markets and high priced markets all over the country.
Find and Profit in Hot Emerging Markets, or in Areas Where
Sellers are Extremely Desperate and Negotiable!!
For example, one of my California students who lives in the Bay Area, Bryan Holmes, has made wild profits buying in upstate New York where he grew up. I also have an Australian student who's built a small fortune buying in the Dallas/Fort Worth area where she was born. And both of them did it all without ever leaving their homes.
Buying far away might sound challenging at first, I know. But as you'll see, The Ultimate Buying and Selling Machine! makes it totally risk-free.
Like my students '- whose testimonials you'll see below -- you can avoid the classic problems that sabotage real estate investors. You can earn a six-figure income working just ten hours per week. And if you want, I'll promote your deals to my network of hungry investors and we can both make some fast money!
Can You See Why I Am So Excited About this System!?
Just a Few of the Reasons Why People are Raving About...
The Ultimate Buying and Selling Machine!
  •  It automatically brings you dozens of desperate sellers, so you can cherry-pick the hottest bargains. Instead of settling for average deals, you can be extremely selective. You can make lowball offers with confidence, and enjoy a huge upside on every deal.
  •  It screens out phone calls from buyers who can't qualify for financing, and sellers who lack the equity or motivation to give you deep discounts. 
  •  It uncovers 20 deals in the time most investors spend visiting just one house. So you can zoom through offers at lightning speed. That means you make 10 or 20 times as much money for the same amount of work. 
  •  It enables you to find out in minutes if a seller is willing to take your best offer. If he declines, all you've lost is a few minutes on the phone. But with my exclusive automated follow up system you will stay in constant contact with him until he does decide to take you up on your offer. Then when he accepts, you can proceed fully confident that you just snatched up another property for 60-70 cents on the dollar or even less. 
  •  It generates an ever-growing list of motivated cash buyers (investors and retail buyers) who'll fight each other to buy the houses you find. So you will have your houses sold in less than 24 hours and in most cases less than 2 hours. 
  •  It easily and automatically calculates the maximum price you should pay for a given property, so you're guaranteed a profit every single time. This means you can make offers with confidence, knowing that all of your expenses have been included in your calculation. And the numbers don't lie. 
  •  It builds your 'Dream Team' automatically by getting realtors and investors to recommend the best attorneys, appraisers, and rehab contractors in the cities you buy in. So you can buy in the hottest markets ' whether local or not ' and always have an unbeatable team of professionals looking out for you. This is all done automatically for you! 
  •  It eliminates the repetitive, labor-intensive chores that other investors have accepted as 'necessary evils'. 
It Puts 92% of the Work on Autopilot, and Streamlines the Rest...
So you don't have to quit your day job to get started. You can wait until your real estate profits are rolling in, and then leave your day job with confidence. And even then, you can earn a six figure income working just ten hours per week.
And best of all, you can flip properties, not hold them and hassle with tenants, toilets, trash and termites!
In Fact, My Team and I Have Bought and Sold Houses in
Nine (9) Different States and Never Looked at a Single One!
Now, I'm not suggesting that you do your first deal and never look at it (especially if it is in your home town) but you will be able to get to that point sooner than you think!
Are You Just Dabbling In Real Estate?
Before I created my system, I was already dabbling in real estate and maybe you are also familiar with the feeling of dabbling. Not really sure where your next deal is coming from or if you are ever going to get your first deal.
Well see, I am already a firm believer in education... When I got started, I went to every seminar and meeting I could find. I bought every course I could get my hands on.
I learned all of the tricks, techniques and strategies that were out there. I learned it all. A lot of the training helped me get started and do a few deals. The one thing they didn't teach me in any seminar or course I purchased was how to maximize my time and efforts by using technology and automation and applying it to real estate investing so I could get started part time while I still had a JOB. Nobody was teaching this.
The Turning Point...
One day I read a book by Michael Gerber called The E-Myth. You may have read it. If not you need to. The sub title is 'Why most small businesses don't work and what to do about it.'
Michael teaches the difference between having a business and a job. He says... 'If you have a business and it can't run without you then you just have job'. You see, I didn't need another job; I already had one of those. And most people get into real estate to get out of the job they are in - not to get a second job.
Nine Easy Steps to Success!
Well, after reading Michael's book I came up with a nine step process to buy and sell houses and never leave home.
In Fact...
Now I Buy and Sell 5 to 10, Even 15, Houses a Month and I Never Talk to a Single Seller, Realtor, Investor or Buyer Myself, Ever!
Did you catch that?? Now I buy and sell 5-10, sometimes 15, houses a month and I never talk to a single seller or realtor myself, ever! How's that for a system? I now have a real estate business where others do all the work and not just another job.
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Lots of People Ask Me...
"Why Are You Teaching Your Competition?"
When I first created my system I was very skeptical about sharing it with anyone. I didn't want the competition. I was working full time in the mortgage business. I was also hiring others to work in my office buying and selling houses for me. Word was getting out about what I was doing but I didn't want to tell anyone how we were buying and selling so many houses from our office. But then...A Light Bulb Went Off!
If I just teach others how to do what I do, then when you go out and do it you may need a loan or want to sell me a property or buy a property from me. That's when I restructured my whole 'in house' training program used to train my employees and named it the Ultimate Buying and Selling Machine!
Word Spreads Very Fast!
It didn't take long before I was invited to teach my system all over the country. In fact, in the short time since I have released the program, I have actually shared the stage and spoken at events with Suze Orman, Michael Gerber (author of E-Myth), Kendra Todd (from The Apprentice), Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki and even The Donald himself!
In Fact, I Now Have Students Using My System in:
United States, Canada, Sweden, Bermuda, Australia, New Zealand,
Japan, China, Israel, Philippines and Denmark
"I saw you at an Investors Club meeting and purchased your course and just did my first deal ever and made $66,520.53 cash! I love the website searches you developed. It allows me to look up deals and spend more time with my family."

Thank you, 
Jason Darnell
Now regardless of the way real estate or the real estate markets work in all these countries, the fact that investors are using it is proof that it will work in 'anytown', USA.
The Problem With Most Training and Courses...
The problem with most home study courses is that most trainers hold back their best information until you buy into their high-priced boot camps. I stand to gain far more by teaching you to duplicate me 100%.
You see, mortgage lending is my core business. When my students learn to make 20 offers in the time they used to spend looking at one house, they close more deals and need more loans.
As you can imagine, sharing the Ultimate Buying and Selling Machine! has exploded my loan business. It's also made my clients more loyal, because they're receiving a more complete service including support and help with their deals.
Will You Be 'The Chosen One?'
When I find people who want to learn my system and set up their own Ultimate Buying and Selling Machine! then we can have a network buying and selling houses to each other all across the country and make tons of money while doing it!
Of course please remember that there is no obligation to either buy a house from me, sell a house to me or have me finance your property. You can take the information and create your very own Ultimate Buying and Selling Machine! and never do a deal with me personally.
However, many of my students contact me to get on my buyers list looking for wholesale deals. Others call me to flip properties they've just acquired.
I Have Already Bought and Sold Houses in NINE Different States All from My Office!
This is great because I have a very large database of hungry buyers, so I can have them sold in less than two hours. Which by the way, I show you exactly how I created my very large database of hungry motivated buyers so you can duplicate me exactly.  
So grooming my students to uncover hidden bargains has benefited everyone. I've purchased many properties from my students and sold them to my investors looking for wholesale properties. And by just adding a small markup for myself, wholesaling deals has helped me take more vacations with my family.
In fact, below is a recent picture from a Disney Cruise we went on and took our children's grandparents with us too.
The Bottom Line:
Holding Back My Exclusive System Would Be Like Shooting Myself in the Foot!
Now that's why I teach!
That is not only why I teach but why I am now sharing my exclusive personal money making system with others so they can sell me properties and I can sell them properties too! Is this win-win, or what?
Now thousands of investors are using a new generation of real estate strategies to build personal fortunes from the comfort of their homes 'risk free' using their phone, fax machine, email and the Internet to work smarter, not harder, just like I do.
Technology Simplified...
In my totally updated Ultimate Buying and Selling Machine!, I have incorporated every technology that could be brought down to a level that anyone could understand and use' and would save time, effort and make you lots of Cold Hard Cash!
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